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“Metal embossing is an art form I have always wanted to experiment with. It’s the art of achieving high and low relieves in special laminated metals, and it’s truly a unique art that I have always admired. Magdalena S. Muldoon opened one of the first stores in the country to carry metals and tools needed for embossing, and since then she…”

My Mind’s Eye

“My Mind’s Eye is always coming out with amazing new paper and embellishment collections for papercrafters to ogle over. Lucky for us, they sent the review team several unique collections to choose from and each of us had the chance to review something different. For this review I received…”

PageSage Art Unscripted with Carol Duvall

“Since my family and I live out in the country, I don’t get a chance to get out much and I hardly ever get to attend scrapbook or art classes. For this reason, I really enjoy being able to purchase DVD’s that offer me the chance to take a creative class in the comfort of my own home. PageSage has quickly become known for their outstanding …”

Sandylion Vegas

“I have been searching a long time for a great set of Vegas themed papers and embellishments, and I have finally found them! Sandylion recently came out with a Vegas themed line and asked ScrapFriends to review it. Since my trip to Vegas was in 1998, my pictures have graciously been waiting on a shelf just begging to be scrapped. With …”

Stampington & Company’s Somerset Workshop

“Over the past year I have had the opportunity to review several wonderful and unique crafting products, supplies, DVD’s, and idea books. I look forward to trying new things and experimenting with new techniques, and because of this the prospect of being included on a Stampington & Company review is always exciting! I have yet to review …”

Stampington & Company’s Somerset in Love

“I recently received the perfect “romantic” inspiration just in time for Valentine’s this year. Stampinton & Company’s 2009 issue of Somerset in love arrived at my doorstep for review and totally swept me away! I adore reviewing Stampington & Company’s publications because they always make me feel so inspired and creative and I have yet …”

Stampington & Company’s Somerset Home Volume 3

“I am constantly searching for creative inspiration and idea books are one of my favorite places to look. Whenever I go to the bookstore the first thing I search for are any new publications by Stampington & Company. Their website,, says that it’s the ultimate online resource for stampers, crafters, artisans, and dreamers. This is …”

Stampington & Company Somerset Studio Gallery

“I am always looking for inspiration, and idea books and magazines are some of my favorite places to find it. Although I frequently purchase a variety of idea books, I have fallen in love with the Stampington & Company publications. Stampington has a huge collection of papercrafting, mixed media, jewelry, home decor, and several…”

Staedtler’s Hot Foil Pen

“When I first saw Staedtler’s Hot Foil Pen, I was intrigued by the idea of being able to write with a tool that heats up and transfers foil all while you are holding it like a pen. Since I always love trying something new and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the other Staedtler products I have reviewed, I was exited and looking forward to this…”

Staedtler Watercolor Crayons

“Coloring with crayons has always been a passion of mine and I am firm believer in coloring therapy. I would also mention that I am a crayon collector or hoarder I guess you could say, and I currently have over seven different types of crayons in my scrapbook room. I always like to encourage others to use crayons as well because they are…”

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